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International Lions University is to integrate expertise and  efforts

of outstanding professors and great resources from around the world

to educate our students to become optimistic, altruistic, and knowledgeable

world citizens who care for the needy and the poor and would like to collaborate

with others to make the world more peaceful and prosperous through charity and deep education.


ROCMELIA sstands for the Multimedia English Learning and Instruction Association

 in Taiwan, the members of which consist of language professors and professors with expertise

 in computing and multimedia. The mission of this association is to integrate expertise and efforts

of professors to enhance language and language-related instruction and learning like special English

 education in technology, economy, art and medicine (TEAM). The Ministry of EDUCATION authorized

ROCMELIA to create NETPAW/GETPAW and an online bookstore based on the Common European Framework

that was constructed and implemented in the education system by the Council of Europe with 47 member countries.

This association co-founded APAMALL, Asia Pacific Association of Multimedia Assisted Language Learning, whose

members include national associations such as ROCMELIA and KAMALL, and also top Deep Education Network universities

such as Deep University/Institute and International Lions University.


APAMALL, Asia Pacific Association of Multimedia Assisted Language Learning,

consists of national associations in Asia Pacific countries. It is an international organization

working toward the goal of enhancing language instruction through the use of multimedia technology.

It may offer honorary doctoral degrees including Doctorate of Humanities, Doctorate of Literature, Doctorate

of Linguistics, Doctorate of Foreign Language Teaching, and other Fields that this institute decides on. APAMALL

awards international honorary doctoral degrees to top scholars and colleagues that have made outstanding academic

and altruistic contributions to the world, such as International President Bob Corlew of Lions Clubs International, the biggest

charity institute in the world, Trustee PID Aruna Abhey Oswal from India who has made the most donation to Lions Clubs International

 Foundation, and Professor Francois Victor Tochon from the University of Wisconsin at Madison that has been ranked the best in education for the past 15 years.


Requirements for an Honorary Doctoral Degree  Honorary Doctoral Degree Nomination Form  Trustee Abhey Oswal's Honor

Schedule of ROCMELIA 2018

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